About Chicago Legal Clinic

Since 1981, the Chicago Legal Clinic has evolved from a small neighborhood office to a keystone provider of legal services to the working poor and disadvantaged in the Chicago area.

This entails providing direct legal counseling and high quality representation at low cost or pro bono and free educational seminars on legal topics. Through our efforts, hundreds of clients have received legal protection from domestic violence, had their immigration status formalized, adopted children and been rescued from foreclosure. Thousands more received representation in other areas, including landlord/tenant, guardianships, consumer issues and the quest for social security disability benefits.

We pride ourselves in our deep-rooted commitment to the well-being of Chicago’s disadvantaged communities by providing service that is:

  • Compassionate. Throughout our rich history, the Chicago Legal Clinic has remained committed to making the dream of justice a reality with the support of our dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and our community.
  • Comprehensive. We provide direct legal representation to thousands of clients each year, offering assistance throughout the entire legal process. The CLC takes many types of cases with few restrictions, and is one of the only legal service providers in the country to have a full-time environmental law practice.
  • Accessible. Through our downtown and neighborhood offices, as well as through provision of bilingual services and our Circuit Rider program, the Clinic strives to reach as many people as possible. The Clinic aspires to offer a caring atmosphere, thus affirming the dignity of every client seeking legal expertise and human compassion.